About me

25 February, 2024

Last updated on 26 February, 2024

I'm Software Engineer in Routing & GraphQL Platforms at Zalando. Zalando is one of the biggest European e-commerce platforms, having more than 45 million active customers. I live and work in Berlin, my favourite city in the world.

I organize Berlin GraphQL at Zalando campus. If you want to present, we have a form!

I am also member of Rust Ukraine Ambassadors Community, where I help source speakers to Rust Ukraine Conference.

I have YouTube channel where I share my knowledge on GraphQL and Rust.

I am originally from Ukraine, Dnipro. I am 27 years old. I have finished National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” with awfully bad grades... I have studied metallurgy and I am really sorry that I brought so many troubles to my professors and seniors. They suffered because of me and still were so kind and protecting.

I have started my career on 2nd grade of university. It was a call-center. I had to convince people upgrade their TV packages to more expensive. I did that to get necessary experience so Adidas (shop where you can buy sneakers and cloth for sports) would take me as their shop consultant. For me as a student, it seemed like a dream job, a big opportunity that I should not miss. I guess I was really bad at long-term planning... I just needed some quick buck.  

After that, I've managed to work in marketing agency in Warsaw, in blockchain company in Kyiv, in mobile application startup, in middle-size IT outsource with fully distributed team, in British product company and in the biggest e-commerce platform in Ukraine – prom.ua.

I have always wanted to see the world so I hitchhiked through Ukraine and abroad. It was messy, crazy good... I loved it.

I've spent some time building kitesurfing station with my friends. Better to say, they were building and I was running around, filming stupid videos and doing Facebook ads for them. I am a terrible kitesurfer.

I have studied computer science and engineering on my own.

I don't know German, but I live in Germany.

I have terrible vision. Without my glasses I don't see a thing! My vision started to drop when I was a teen. Now I am required to wear terrible heavy-fat glasses, but I hope one day to make laser correction.

I didn't think I would be able to go this far. Now I want to go even further.

I do blogging to assist in your studies of engineering things that you may struggle to grasp or have not much time to waste studying for. Occasionally, I write stories which happening to me.

Contact me on linkedin, if it's the case that you want me to help you with something. I can provide a reference to Highsnobiety or Zalando if you live in European Union.

Troy Köhler