Product Engineering Culture in Europe has big issues

I visited Porsche Digital, talked with engineers, product managers & scientists across all central Europe (since I'm helping to organise Ukraine Rust Conference).

24 February, 2023

You should not leave behind any person from your team. Even the one you don't like

Before chasing ideas of 'perfect' team or 'perfect' team mates, learn to observe and notice what current team members are doing and how they contribute to team success.

22 February, 2023

Notes and memories on how I was searching a work when war has started

I don't know how to explain war to people, who don't have experience of it. I am also sure I don't have proper words to do that.

20 February, 2023

English Version Release

I started to work on this resource year ago, without having any strategy in mind or thinking about directions. I had and continue to have fears about 'starts'.

18 November, 2022

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