Attempt to fix informational inconsistency

This is a response on my own blog post which I wrote 2 years ago when I just arrived to Germany.

24 May, 2024

Story about my university teacher which deeply affected my thinking about teachers

During my uni years, our student group was assigned practices with young teacher, who already got significant results in her field of study. Our active student group (people who visited practices) were only guys.

20 May, 2024

The sea speaks more honestly to those willing to drown

Once I've been to Morocco with one completely unknown person. We first met in Rome. After our trip, she left me a tent and I still have it and use it. We have travelled some cities: Casa Blanka and Marrakesh.

14 April, 2024

I can see through people who experienced hunger

Berlin is the city of people who often have issues to grow up. They remain teenagers forever. It's very easy to remain a teenager in that place – you have an abundance of distractive gimmicks, access to anything human nature can desire.

13 April, 2024

Notes and memories on how I was searching a work when war has started

I don't know how to explain war to people, who don't have experience of it. I am also sure I don't have proper words to do that.

20 February, 2023

English Version Release

I started to work on this resource year ago, without having any strategy in mind or thinking about directions. I had and continue to have fears about 'starts'.

18 November, 2022

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