How we prepared the first Rust Ukraine Conference in 2023 during the ongoing war

On 8 April 2023 the first Rust Ukraine Conference happened despite the ongoing war. We have collected more than 250 000 UAH on tickets (around 6200€). All money was donated to Ukrainian Armed Forces through volunteers.

25 May, 2024

Google OAuth with Rust Axum and AsyncGraphQL Backend

In the article I would review system design of oauth login on Rust GraphQL backend and its actual implementation.

11 February, 2024

Achieving high availability and security in backend services with Skipper swarm mode and rate limiting

High availability and security are essential for any modern web application, including Rust backend services. High availability refers to the ability of an application to remain accessible and operational even in the face of failures, errors, or heavy loads.

06 April, 2023

Migrating my family finance bot from Python to Rust (teloxide) [part 2]

In the second chapter of my bot construction, I'd cover cron schedules with Rust and Google Cloud deployment.

21 December, 2022

Migrating my family finance bot from Python to Rust (teloxide) because I am tired of exceptions (part 1)

By using our bot, we can be fully transparent with money – both me and she know how much remain, but in the same time I don't give her full observability to my bank account because I'm the owner and this is my personal boundaries.

21 November, 2022

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