Story about my university teacher which deeply affected my thinking about teachers

20 May, 2024

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Last updated on 20 May, 2024

WARNING: nothing technical there.

During my uni years, our student group was assigned practices with young teacher, who already got significant results in her field of study. Our active student group (people who visited practices) were only guys.

Some of my peers were higher than her and visibly looked... like guys capable for violence. They didn't just looked like that, I mean, I have lived in the same dorm.

Some of them skipped a lot of practices and she gave a chance to acquire necessary score points by doing the same practices in other time slots. She organised those time slots and she had a key from the laboratory room because – obvious – equipment. Equipment costs money and can do harm.

Those additional timeslots didn't fit in her schedule. It was hard for her to maintain them. I could deduct that just by observing and then I confirmed that by speaking with her.

So what she did to us – was pure favour. And probably she didn't want to be a reason on why 60% of the group from her department would be expelled.

Additional time slots were exhausted, but there were still people who needed to collect some data in lab. I was there among those people.

She rejected to give us additional time slot, trying to explain that she doesn't have time right now. It was clear that she was very exhausted.

I watched how my fellow skippers started to threaten her. There were group of them. I don't remember what I did (maybe because I did nothing?). I remember she was really frightened and she run away and locked in her office, with a key.

She allowed us to use the lab one more time, but the point is not in that. There is actually no point in that story, it's free for interpretation.

I myself realised that when it comes to choice between student and teacher, the choice is complex, but I'm skewed to 'teacher' side. I don't see it as submission to power and authority. It is much harder to be a good teacher than to be a good student. Supporting and respecting teachers is something we must do. This would yield for us to have students who could surpass their teachers and become better generation.

Sorry, maybe I'm just talking common sense...

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