My fav Ukrainian songs (will update this post once new appear)

04 March, 2023

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Last updated on 04 March, 2023

If you want to discover new Ukrainian songs for your playlist, this post is for you.

Not for losers

For me it's like Ukrainian anthem for those, who live in big cities. Not sure if author meant it this way, but anyway.

Story about meeting with evil

This song encapsulates a lot of wisdom about how it is to meet with what human can call 'a devil'. IMO, of course.

My perfect match

That guitar play is just awesome, I can't resist it, it's my must listen song.

Dark magic

Its lyrics can match stories by Hrymm' brothers.

'Children of engineers' band

I listen almost all their songs. Resonates with me so much.

War songs

Nothing to add there, they are about how to die but also not forget to collect as much motherfuckers with you as possible.

Song about my dream

I didn't become a pilot, but this song reminds me about my child dreams.

Usually I don't listen to rap, but those are special

This one is about mountains.

This is motivation for guys to remain alive.

Very chilled

When I run in a forest, I feel the same feelings described in that song.

Funny one

This guy does cool songs, I like a lot of them. This one I like the most.

Old school

This synth gives me chill.

The last one I especially love because it reminds me about my grandmothers. They both love roses very much.


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